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HR Products

HR Products

You'll find a full range of HR Products at GG Pumps & Electrical.

HR Products has grown to become one of the most highly-regarded suppliers of water management products and systems in Australia, distributing a wide range of sprinklers, valves, controllers, filtration units, fittings, agricultural irrigation products, industrial valves and hose-end products, including some of the most familiar brands in the industry.

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HR Products manufactures, imports, and distributes a wide range of irrigation equipment and accessories for commercial and domestic use.

  • Automatic & Other irrigation Sprinkler Systems
  • Hunter Industries Irrigation Controllers
  • Sprinkler Valves & Irrigation Controllers
  • Poly Pipe Fittings
  • Screen & Disc Filters
  • Home-watering Systems
  • PVC Fittings
  • Sprinkler Timers
  • Water Meters & Water Measuring Solutions
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HR Products

Our line-up features some of the most well-known and highly-regarded brands and products in the irrigation and water management industry:

  • Antelco® Micro Irrigation, Drippers, Sprays, Sprinklers
  • ARAD Group Water Meters & Water Measuring Solutions
  • Aquaterr Digital Soil Moisture Meters
  • Dura Plastics PVC Parts & Plumbing Solutions
  • Ein-Dor Emitters & Mini Sprinklers
  • Galcon Computerised Irrigation Systems & Controllers
  • Irri-Gator Products Gator Radio Irrigation Control Systems
  • Greenwell™ Water Saver Water Saving Tree Surrounds
  • Hansen Products True Fit Threaded Fittings
  • HR Products Quality Irrigation Equipment
  • Hunter® Industries Hunter® MP Rotator® Sprinklers, Hunter® PGP Sprinklers, Hunter® PGV and ICV Valves, Hunter® HC Hydrawise® Smart Wi-Fi Irrigation Controllers, Hunter® Pro-HC Irrigation Controllers, Hunter® Pro-C Irrigation Controllers, Hunter® NODE Battery-Powered Waterproof Irrigation Controllers, Hunter® NODE-BT Bluetooth® Wireless Valve Controllers, Hunter® EZ Decoder System (EZDS) Two-Wire Solution for HCC and ICC2 Controller, Hunter® X2™ Irrigation Controllers Wi-Fi enabled smart Wi-Fi controller with Hydrawise®, Hunter® Mini-Clik Rain Sensor
  • Irripod Pipeline Systems for Water & Effluent Distribution – Irripod Farm Starter Packs
  • Komet Innovative Irrigation
  • Orbit® Smart Watering, Sprinkler & Drip Systems – Orbit® B-hyve® Irrigation Controllers & Timers
  • Rainmist Sprinklers
  • Senninger® High Performance Irrigation Solutions
  • Vyrsa Solutions for Agricultural Irrigation

HR Products Solutions

Find out how your next project can benefit from using HR Products:

  • Quality
  • Cost-efficient
  • Durable
  • Water-saving
HR Products

Quality Irrigation Equipment.

HR Products manufactures, imports and distributes quality automatic irrigation equipment for agricultural, golf course, sports turf, landscape and home watering systems throughout Australia.

Established in 1979 as part of Little Moreton Pty Ltd in Perth, Western Australia, the business has grown into one of Australia’s largest wholesale irrigation distributors with an extensive dealer network across the country.

In 2023, the business was acquired by Valmont Industries, Inc. expanding the company’s geographic footprint and growing its parts presence in a key agriculture market.

With offices in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, HR Products has built a reputation as a leading wholesale supplier to retail irrigation, hardware, plumbing and rural stores.

HR Products' team of irrigation professionals are dedicated to ensure that you have the best products and service to make sure you get the best information for project requirements.


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